Month: June 2012

It is…

Dedicated to all those bad girls who tend to be so hard on themselves…  That is the sentiment After so long In a long time For so long Tears swallowed my sleep And I drowned in My own pathetic pity The one I reserve for me So much allowance Abundant grace To have mercy on […]


My First Year of Seminary

It has been a long road, a long ride to get here.  I reflected the other night with a friend about what it is that is needed to live purposefully.  For me it has been the hope and the energy I drive from recognizing that my life has a purpose at all.  God’s call for […]


Zapatos Viejos

Hoy comprendí a mi viejo… Salte y mis pies Se cubrieron con Sus zapatos Viejos Desteñidos De color carmesí Del dolor Que conocí Con olor A lo que di Fue a ti Mi amor.   Como se esconde La Tortuga Y también quizás La oruga La una que carga La pena No endereza La cabeza […]