Month: July 2013

The Trumpet/Whistle Blower

For the all the Trayvons of the WorldA call was raised Through the channels of alarm To report suspicion once again Three rings for security Preserving coveted safety Reporting Resulting Surprise to the Suspected Unexpected Confrontation. A trumpet was blown A long blast A warning Resounding Shout Signaling imminent danger Of a stranger Unwelcomed For […]


The Trailblazer

  The trail of peace Freedom For the Israelites Did not start quietly At the silence of the oppressor Drowned Egyptian death At the other side of the Red Sea. It started there, Just the desert; dry plains that will test Heat and pain Over faith Of a God that promised Milk and honey But […]


Intro to The Trailblazer, The Trumpet/Whistle Blower, The Prophet and The Voice that Calls in the Wilderness.

As friends and colleagues engaged in conversation, dialogue and at times debate on social media over the Zimmerman trial it was obvious perspectives were diverse.  While racially speaking some people are of my same opinion that the Trayvon Martin crime is a black and white issue; the complexities of the investigation, trial, outcome, and responses […]