Photo by Micah Gary. Drew Theo ’14 and Dean Davis.

I read this poem at the Interfaith Baccalaureate Service on May 16, 2014 
at the Simon Forum, Drew University.

I thought of a train
When I stopped to look
Searching for life
In the minutes of the hours
In my existence.
The beast that is a train
One track minded
Setting forth with iron might
To reach a destination
A goal so to speak
The destination known
but always mysterious
Desirable to say the least.

I thought of a train
Because I had not taken many in my life
I was settled surviving
Cubicles, 40 hour paychecks
With little hope
That my energy, gifts, and time
Where changing nothing.
At my station,
The fleeting moments of happiness
showed up unexpected,
friends and saints
paraded in and out
aboard and leaving
arrivals, did not stay long
just enough to say
I saw you
I know you,
Glad to meet you

I thought of a train
So I stood at the station
I pondered aloofly
For an option
A notion
It’s okay.

I hopped on the cart
I waved my scarf
saying goodbye to loved ones
and a love who didn’t love me back.

And #ThatWentFast
mighty velocity
wild and free, unrestrained
dashing through
the plains
the fields
a lake
quiet towns
some cities
The City
I ventured on the next stop

I thought of the train
As I watched it leave
I would’ve never been able to conceive
What great adventure would this be?

I found friends to love
Who love me back
Seers and wise ones
Who shared insights
On how to change the world
Leave it better than we found it
Make it better than any imagined utopia
Leave a mark
By building kin-doms
Of love.

Yes, I recognize
This train
At times leaves us here
To dream big
And picks us up
To drop us
In a pool of debt
Low paying jobs
A grim socioeconomic

I thought of a train
And got out at the next stop
and this stop
Challenging and all
Is leading us now to hop
On the train once again.

Go find your spot
Your next stop
Wherever you land
find yourself belonging
and being loved
With the mystical touch of a Forest
Create spaces of peace
Green and just
Grow joy!
Go fast
And take time to rest.
Enjoy the scenery
Walk, skip, and run
Gaze at the stars
Have a drink…!
Lay on green grass carpets
and whatever you do
Before your next train
Leaves the station
As any #Drewid, would know how,
Always leave it better
Than you found it.


©Teresita Matos-Post, 2014


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