Month: August 2016

Enfleshed Evil, Part One

I have indeedEncountered evilIn the holiest of places.  Gnashing of teethFueled by fearBy the faithful to a gospelThey personallyNot know yet. Altars are lifted dailyTo the gods of comfortTo the gods of powerTo the gods of me and myselfTo the gods of manipulationAnd deceit. The real altar’s veilWas rippedWith edges stained in Righteous bloodHealing and wholesome.Ready […]


When the Prophet Goes Mad

When the prophet goes madher tongue goes looseand no matter whoseear is in the way predictions,curses, wishes and prayersare summoned in one breath of smokeconsuming fire ablaze. When the prophet goes madhe finally speaks his heartbecause his mind cannot keepcloseted truths that are meant to fly. When the prophet goes madthe earth shakes.For the power […]