Enfleshed Evil, Part 1

I have indeed Encountered evil In the holiest of places. Gnashing of teeth Fueled by fear By the faithful to a gospel They personally Not know yet. Altars are lifted daily To the gods of comfort To the gods of power To the gods of me and myself To the gods of manipulation And deceit.… Continue reading Enfleshed Evil, Part 1


I’m standing by… I see all the images Passing by A conflict A few words A gun A shot A black man, another black man Laying still on the side of the road. But ALL lives matter That is why we finish this one Just one more… A single sacrifice Because we can’t risk the… Continue reading #BlackLivesMatter

The Trailblazer

  The trail of peace Freedom For the Israelites Did not start quietly At the silence of the oppressor Drowned Egyptian death At the other side of the Red Sea. It started there, Just the desert; dry plains that will test Heat and pain Over faith Of a God that promised Milk and honey But… Continue reading The Trailblazer