When the Prophet Goes Mad

When the prophet goes madher tongue goes looseand no matter whoseear is in the way predictions,curses, wishes and prayersare summoned in one breath of smokeconsuming fire ablaze.When the prophet goes madhe finally speaks his heartbecause his mind cannot keepcloseted truths that are meant to fly.When the prophet goes madthe earth shakes.For the power behind her… Continue reading When the Prophet Goes Mad


I’m standing by… I see all the images Passing by A conflict A few words A gun A shot A black man, another black man Laying still on the side of the road. But ALL lives matter That is why we finish this one Just one more… A single sacrifice Because we can’t risk the… Continue reading #BlackLivesMatter

The Trumpet/Whistle Blower

For the all the Trayvons of the WorldA call was raisedThrough the channels of alarmTo report suspicion once againThree rings for securityPreserving coveted safetyReporting ResultingSurprise to theSuspected Unexpected Confrontation.A trumpet was blownA long blastA warningResoundingShoutSignaling imminent dangerOf a stranger UnwelcomedFor reasons yet to be justifiedRatified by experience pastthat the enemyis clothed in… ·      color that… Continue reading The Trumpet/Whistle Blower