The Trailblazer

  The trail of peace Freedom For the Israelites Did not start quietly At the silence of the oppressor Drowned Egyptian death At the other side of the Red Sea. It started there, Just the desert; dry plains that will test Heat and pain Over faith Of a God that promised Milk and honey But… Continue reading The Trailblazer

Intro to The Trailblazer, The Trumpet/Whistle Blower, The Prophet and The Voice that Calls in the Wilderness.

As friends and colleagues engaged in conversation, dialogue and at times debate on social media over the Zimmerman trial it was obvious perspectives were diverse.  While racially speaking some people are of my same opinion that the Trayvon Martin crime is a black and white issue; the complexities of the investigation, trial, outcome, and responses… Continue reading Intro to The Trailblazer, The Trumpet/Whistle Blower, The Prophet and The Voice that Calls in the Wilderness.

Danced on the Cross

This one screen shot inspired the title of the poem. The video is a must see.   He danced on the cross To the rhythm of the morbid A macabre scene of celebration We praise and rejoice to the gore Of blood poured out for others Human sacrifice Just and right Because He is God,… Continue reading Danced on the Cross

They Will Know We Are of God Through Our Love

Be Careful! May doctrines of the "chosen" ones not separate us. In recent months I have come across situations among Christian families, related by biological blood and that of Christ, who are in crisis. Like all good families it is expected that our families will have conflict from time to time. I think one of… Continue reading They Will Know We Are of God Through Our Love

Que Sepan Que Somos de Dios por Nuestro Amor

English Version  ¡Cuidado!  Que la Doctrina de Ser Pueblo “escogido” Nos Separe En los últimos meses me he encontrado con situaciones entre familias cristianas, relacionadas por sangre biológica y por la de Cristo, que están en crisis.  Como todas las buenas familias es de esperarse que nuestras familias tengan conflictos de vez en cuando. Por… Continue reading Que Sepan Que Somos de Dios por Nuestro Amor

The Hijab and the Cross

This post is an interpretive work of a cross-cultural experience, it is not meant to make educational or religious statements to be considered right or wrong.  Rather meaningful interactions are to raise questions about ourselves, challenge us, and change us for the better.  The manipulated images are not intended to belittle or offend anyone of… Continue reading The Hijab and the Cross