It is…

Dedicated to all those bad girls who tend to be so hard on themselves… 

That is the sentiment
After so long
In a long time
For so long
Tears swallowed my sleep
And I drowned in
My own pathetic pity
The one I reserve for me
So much allowance
Abundant grace
To have mercy on me
Holy imperfections
The wonder of self
As it is
I see self there
Laying bare in the barrenness
Of not making any sense
Of the senseless
Sometimes ignorance
But most often a choice
For stupidity requires boldness
And courage
To be pure and truthful
Honest and raw.
Who would want to see that?
I hid my face behind my sinful palms
For too long
Bearing water like coconuts
Sweet, fleshy, and fresh;
A faint almost insipid shade of white…
Give away. Give it away.
The coerce filaments hide tenderness.
Are you bold enough to
Cut through?
Sometimes I run
To edge of my own limitations
Hoping that you
Will follow me there.
Are you bold enough to run after?
Or, are you smarter than that?

TMR, June 22, 2012

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