5 (+1) Influential Mujeres Who Shaped Me

Growing up we owned one volume of the Enciclopedia de Cultura Puertorriqueña. The thick tome titled "Hombres Ilustres" (Illustrious Men) contained short biographies of all the men who shaped the history of Puerto Rico. From composer Juan Morel Campos to visual artist Jose Campeche; from teacher Rafael Cordero to poet and politician Luis Muñoz Rivera;… Continue reading 5 (+1) Influential Mujeres Who Shaped Me

poem one #NaPoWriMo

My body knows it’s coming I know because each vertebra Shouts:  “Crack!” As I drop down Surrendering like a swan Into my rag-doll yoga pose I am        like a rag-doll        with nothing left in me but the shredded fabric of colors I brought to their table my back is exposed ready for whipping… Continue reading poem one #NaPoWriMo


Can you save your 2019 goals in March?

I’ve been praying away the extra ten pounds I gained through the holidays.  But nothing is happening.  I do not think God will come through for me on this one, my way, anyway.  Right about now you might be in the same predicament I am in.  I am having a hard time staying on track… Continue reading Can you save your 2019 goals in March?

3 Things Small Church Ministers Can Do (or…Not Do) to Enjoy the Holidays

  As a minister you know all too well how intense it is to feel burned out, especially during the High Holy days.  You wonder sometimes, is there any way to avoid it? Does it come with the territory? The holidays can be especially stressful for ministers and their families; not only because of the… Continue reading 3 Things Small Church Ministers Can Do (or…Not Do) to Enjoy the Holidays