Where can I find you God?

Where can I find you God?
I have searched in all the wrong places
Some swear they found you there
In the filthy marginal crevices saturated in pain.
I must be honest,
I do not want to go there.
Oh God, Where are you hiding?
Kicking rocks in this lonely boring path
Some whisper they found you around
Underneath the stone, through the fallen tree.
I must be sincere,
I do not want to look there.
Hey God, Sir or Ma’am!
Where the heck have you been?
Some lie saying they found nothing
When they found you.
I must play deaf.
I do not want to hear.
Que pasa Señor?
En donde te has metido?
Algunos dicen que estas en todas partes,
Porque es que aun no vienes por aqui?
Debo ser sincera.
Si te veo, si te siento, si te escucho
Que me olvide,
No te reconoci.
TMR, May 2012

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