The Trailblazer


The trail of peace

For the Israelites
Did not start quietly
At the silence of the oppressor
Drowned Egyptian death
At the other side of the Red Sea.
It started there,
Just the desert;
dry plains that will test
Heat and pain
Over faith
Of a God that promised
Milk and honey
But was it all baloney?
Just empty words…?
Peace for the Israelites
Did not start with a plague
A staff or a sword
but a word
a cry out of desperation
for deliverance
about pain
a plea, a prayer
of the forsaken
that was heard. Exodus 3:7-8
The trail for freedom was blazed
Despite Moses bewilderment
Before a bush blazing away
A call to call
A call to tell
Speak and say
“go tell them”
“tell them I said”
“I am said…”
“Tell them?”
“Say what?”
“What do I tell them?”
“Why me?” Exodus 3:11-13
Hesitantly the trail was opened
For slaves to cross
From cage to desert
From desert to war
From war to settling
Among unwelcoming stares
Foreign land to call but never own.
With the words of a prophet
That was told:
“They will listen…
Believe me,
They will listen to you
They will listen to me.” Exodus 3:18
But we all know how the story goes…
Ears that hear,
Hearts that listen.
Scarce are the feet
So swift
To advance
It takes time
40 years to be precise.
Burdened journey
With baggage of doubt
Questioning slowly
Diminishing faith
Raising mistrust
Raised eyebrow
From the brother, the mother
The sister,
Does not give up at the
Temptation to be calm and kind.
Not to be misunderstood
As docile push over
Who quiets at the face
Of injustice.
Not to be misunderstood,
Because the meek
Still strikes the rock for water,
And the tablets before frustration
And turns the tables of moneychangers.
Peace arrives only after the sand settles in the dessert
Just after the sand storm buries the vulnerable.
The task of the trailblazer
Starts with a word
A call to see the path
Where no other has set foot before.
It is a call for the fool
That dares to care enough to risk ridicule
And being proved wrong
To set trust on a tree on fire
A wooden staff

And a clumsy mouth.

CREDITS: Background Sound Effects of Desert Sounds from

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