The Trumpet/Whistle Blower

For the all the Trayvons of the World

A call was raised
Through the channels of alarm
To report suspicion once again
Three rings for security
coveted safety
Surprise to the
A trumpet was blown
A long blast
A warning
Signaling imminent danger
Of a stranger
For reasons yet to be justified
by experience past
that the enemy
is clothed in…
·      color that can’t be denied
·      gender stamped with crime
·      a hood presumed to hide identity.
Sound of trumpets
Interrupts sleep
Everywhere in the city
thump on the door
and the bathroom floor
blasted fire driven by
a scream silenced in the alley
police alarm
phone rings
buzzed in
the single shot
Chaos in the jungle
and then SILENCE…
Forming unwarranted militia
the hands of hands
Yearning safety in control
With a gun at arms reach…
Impatience fed by cynicism
Underground doubt of a
Worshipped system
Benefit of those
Who believe how it all
To be.
Failing the rest
A high percent
Cost to pay
for candy and a drink
calmly walking home
Under the rain.
If only the one arm
Of justice, right, and privilege
Were a cell phone
A call no matter intention
To signal and alert
Would that have been enough?
To raise the ringer
Would it be enough?
To say
“I wanna know who you are”
Instead of…
“I already know your sorry punk ass”
Would it be enough?
To say
“Why are you under the rain?”
Instead of
“You do not belong here.”
And the answers may have resulted in conversation
Not confrontation
And no gun would have glistened
under the rain and the shimmer of the moon
a bullet wound
A Bullet
would have not crossed
a young heart that ended
in an odd beat so soon?
Cold battle of ideologies
Slithering underneath the polite
Smile and small talk
Solves nothing.
Nobody likes the whistle blower
Nobody celebrates
The sound of the trumpet that interrupts
The calm no matter how false
No one knows who benefits
From a sour musical note
Disarming and alarming
Distress that moves to action
From the comfort of slumber
What a job!
Sometimes the sound
Bang is enough…
For some
follow up is needed
A harsh blast to end what has not yet begun
others just want to see where it leads
To frighten the enemy away (Judges 7:22)
It is all it takes…?
A detonation up in the air
To cease the fighting (Samuel B 20:22)
A warning
not death penalty
for our final sentence.
Raise the shofar for peace
peace cannot be acquiescent
willing to yield to injustice
for sacrifice
of a gift in eternal heaven
but the present
for today
is the day I hurt.
Raise the shofar
and announce
Benefit of doubt
Good intentionality
To love and be
Community in victory
A victory of humanity
That loves neighbor as self
Self that loves neighbor
I keep the watchman
In close quarters
Aware it serves
At either side of the wall.
The crowd like in Jericho
Outside wanting in,
And the guard calling in
To keep them out.
What if we were to raise the
Shofar to bring the wall down?
Let the melody of verse
A concoction of rhythm and rhyme
Channel for calm
The hurt in time
A past of pain passed
Some collective
For our own gain

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