My Ordination Process

My body knows it’s coming I know because each vertebra Shouts:  “Crack!” As I drop down Surrendering like a swan Into my rag-doll yoga pose I am        like a rag-doll        with nothing left in me but the shredded fabric of colors I brought to their table my back is exposed ready for whipping… Continue reading My Ordination Process

Te Soñe Por Ultima Vez

Desperté con el sonido que hace la barra de acero cuando abren el portón de enfrente. Y salieron a borbotones Desesperadas y libres las lagrimas que Resguarde para días mas tristes.   Te extrañé teniéndote Enfrente. Justo, ahí, sonriente Con ojos dulces Adorándome Escuche tu voz y su canción Que me calma acunándome en lo… Continue reading Te Soñe Por Ultima Vez


I’m standing by… I see all the images Passing by A conflict A few words A gun A shot A black man, another black man Laying still on the side of the road. But ALL lives matter That is why we finish this one Just one more… A single sacrifice Because we can’t risk the… Continue reading #BlackLivesMatter

The Trailblazer

  The trail of peace Freedom For the Israelites Did not start quietly At the silence of the oppressor Drowned Egyptian death At the other side of the Red Sea. It started there, Just the desert; dry plains that will test Heat and pain Over faith Of a God that promised Milk and honey But… Continue reading The Trailblazer