poem one #NaPoWriMo

My body knows it’s coming I know because each vertebra Shouts:  “Crack!” As I drop down Surrendering like a swan Into my rag-doll yoga pose I am        like a rag-doll        with nothing left in me but the shredded fabric of colors I brought to their table my back is exposed ready for whipping… Continue reading poem one #NaPoWriMo


Danced on the Cross

This one screen shot inspired the title of the poem. The video is a must see.   He danced on the cross To the rhythm of the morbid A macabre scene of celebration We praise and rejoice to the gore Of blood poured out for others Human sacrifice Just and right Because He is God,… Continue reading Danced on the Cross

The Hijab and the Cross

This post is an interpretive work of a cross-cultural experience, it is not meant to make educational or religious statements to be considered right or wrong.  Rather meaningful interactions are to raise questions about ourselves, challenge us, and change us for the better.  The manipulated images are not intended to belittle or offend anyone of… Continue reading The Hijab and the Cross